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So far (up to sept. 4) we have travelled about 64871 km, and here is a selection of the various ways we've done it.

Walked 632 km on 1 pair of legs each, with one catastrophic failure of a pair of shoes

Flew 46444 km on 20 different flights - 14 airlines so far.

Taken 17 different train and subway rides for about 200 km.

57 bus rides have taken us about 8476 km.

Car, trucks, tuk-tuks and other four wheeled motorized transport have totalled 5030 km.

20 scooter, motorbike, and bike taxis have taken us 1739 km.

With one single bout of vomitting (oddly enough not related to sea sickness) in 60 boat rides, we have floated 2097 km.

We've only been on bicycles 6 times, and have only gone 80 km...but managed to get 4 flat tires and a set of wonky handlebars.

The last 78 km was covered in horse carts, behind a diver propulsion vehicle and on one long gondola.