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Not sure why, but ever since our little mishap on a tiny island in Korea where we had to stay at Grandma’s House people always smile and ask “So where did you stay this time?”.

We aren’t always “budget” travelers and have stayed in some decent places over the years. Venetian Macau, Tara Angkor, Prince Park Towers in Japan, Orchard Road in Singapore and everyone knows I only stay in the Ibis when in Seoul. But we don’t usually splurge unless for a good reason; location, pool, special occasion etc. But, to make our budget work for 58 weeks we have to unfortunately stay in budget accommodations with less “splurges” then we’d like. We do look for a clean, bed-bug free accommodation usually in a central location, with a decent area to hang out and preferable with free wireless. A splurge must have a pool or it’s not usually worth it. And about 2 days a month I am desperate for air conditioning and my own bathroom. But we don’t always get what we want…sometimes we get nothing we’d like.

When I think back the ones that stand out in my mind they aren’t the most expensive or fanciest but the ones that have amazing views from a roof top patio, free breakfast that consisted of homemade banana pancakes or lovely owners of a ryokan that think it too cold for you to walk the 20 minutes to the temple and insist on driving you themselves. Booking hotels, especially budget is always a gamble.

I thought it’d be fun to keep track of our many, many, many “homes” over the next year or so. Just keep in mind that most hotels, guest houses, hostels etc. have different classes of rooms, we don’t always go for the cheapest and rarely go for the most expensive. If you have any questions or want more information on a place just email me.

2011-MAR-06 1 1

TAIPEI, TAIWAN TAIPEI BACKPACKERS $30, DBL/AC/SHR Good location, small rooms, may find more value for money in same area, free wifi
2011-MAR-07 2
2011-MAR-08 3
2011-MAR-09 4
2011-MAR-11 6
2011-MAR-12 7
2011-MAR-13 8
2011-MAR-14 9 3

MOOREA, FRENCH POLYNESIA CAMPING NELSON $60, DBL/FAN/SHR Cute traditional Polynesian hut, steps from ocean, friendly watch dog, kitchen facilities, hand washing area, lots of 1970’s half naked European hippies
2011-MAR-15 10
2011-MAR-16 11
2011-MAR-17 12
2011-MAR-18 13 4 TAHITI, FRENCH POLYNESIA TEAMO HOSTEL $31/pax, DR/FAN/SHR Worst hostel so far, ever. Dirty, smelly, no towels, blankets, toilet paper - squatter house turned hostel, man living in loft over shower, free breakfast - if you dare eat it - HAPPY ANIVERSARY TO US
2011-MAR-19 14
2011-MAR-20 15 5 TAHITI, FRENCH POLYNESIA TE MITI HOSTEL $86, DBL/FAN/SHR Homey family run guesthouse, walking distance to a beach, hard to get to/from without a car, clean, friendly, excellent free breakfast.
2011-MAR-22 17 7
EASTER ISLAND, CHILE MINIHOA CAMPING $33, DBL/FAN/SHR Spotless, great location, comfortable, cheap internet, camping available, fantastic family that runs it, kitchen facilities.
2011-MAR-23 18
2011-MAR-24 19
2011-MAR-25 20
2011-MAR-26 21
2011-MAR-27 22
2011-MAR-28 23
2011-MAR-29 24
2011-MAR-30 25 8 LIMA TO TORONTO PLANE - -
2011-MAR-31 26 9 BROCKVILLE, CANADA MOM AND DAD'S FREE, office futon Spotless, all meals included and all delicious, free car, internet and tv. A bit tight on space.
2011-APR-01 27
2011-APR-02 28 10 OTTAWA, CANADA DAVE AND LAUREEN'S (aka Devil's Lair) FREE Cozy bar but Margarita’s too yummy.BEST COMPLIMENTARY BREAKFAST EVER
2011-APR-03 29 9 BROCKVILLE, CANADA MOM AND DAD'S FREE Excellent meatloaf!
2011-APR-04 30
2011-APR-05 31
2011-APR-07 33 12 TORONTO TO SEOUL PLANE - -
2011-APR-08 34 13 HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM VY KHANH GUESTHOUSE $16, DBL/AC/OS Friendly family owned, clean, helpful, great location, rooms small, free wifi but flakey.
2011-APR-09 35
2011-APR-10 36
2011-APR-11 37 14 HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM AM THAN GUESTHOUSE $18, DBL/AC/OS Vy's crazy aunt's place, not as clean, large rooms, great location, free wifi.
2011-APR-12 38 15 HOI AN, VIETNAM DAI LONG HOTEL $16, DBL/AC/OS Average, free computers and internet in lobby.
2011-APR-13 39
2011-APR-14 40
2011-APR-15 41 16 HUE, VIETNAM TRAN LY HOTEL $13, DBL/AC/OS Friendly staff, welcome drink, free drinking water. Great location. Free wifi and breakfast (menu to choose from).
2011-APR-16 42
2011-APR-18 44 18 HANOI, VIETNAM HOTEL RENDEZVOUS $25, DBL/AC/OS Priced a bit high, but great staff with no pressure to buy tours, Ozzy owners are great, watch the exchange rates. Great location.
2011-APR-19 45 19 HAL LONG BAY, VIETNAM PALOMA $235/pax, DBL/AC/OS Was amazing but changed managers and quickly lost it. The boat is beautiful but the service, food and activities (does not follow it’s itinerary) is not up to the 4 star rating. Not at all recommended.
2011-APR-20 46
2011-APR-21 47 18 HANOI, VIETNAM HOTEL RENDEZVOUS $25, DBL/AC/OS Free beer and spring roll night!
2011-APR-22 48 20 LUANG PRABANG, LAO PHASITH GUESTHOUSE $10, DBL/AC/OS A short walk to sights, fairly cheap for Luang Prabang. Microwave, hot water and tea available all day. Not very clean. Small patio, free wifi.
2011-APR-23 49
2011-APR-24 50 21 VIENTIANE, LAO SYRI 2 GUESTHOUSE $7.5, DBL/FAN/SHR Very budget. No window, okay location, place is like a time capsule, full of weird art and collectables. Kinda grimy. No free wifi, most places offer it.
2011-APR-25 51
2011-APR-26 52 22

THA KHAEK, LAO THA KHAEK TRAVEL LODGE $6.2, DBL/FAN/SHR Laid back camping lodge feel with fire pit, great place to start loop, helpful staff, cheap food and drinks. Big rooms, free wifi.
2011-APR-27 53
2011-APR-28 54
2011-APR-29 55
2011-APR-30 56 23 LAO TO BANGKOK BUS - -
2011-MAY-01 57 24

BANGKOK, THAILAND KHAO SAN PALACE HOTEL $30, DBL/AC/OS Roof top pool, paid extra for fridge. On Ko San road so good location.
2011-MAY-02 58
2011-MAY-03 59 25

PATTAYA, THAILAND PATTAYA RESORT $60, DBL/AC/OS Clean, pool, quiet area. Like a tiny resort. A bit of a hike to main road, great for relaxing.Free wifi and big breakfast (menu to choose from)
2011-MAY-04 60
2011-MAY-05 61 26

BANGKOK, THAILAND RAMBUTTRI HOTEL $26, DBL/AC/OS Roof top pool, close to Koh San Road.
2011-MAY-06 62 27 RANGON, MYANMAR MOTHERLAND INN 2 $16, DBL/FAN/SHR Budget, quite a hike to town centre, might have bugs. Free airport pick up in bus that is older than me. Free breakfast.
2011-MAY-07 63
2011-MAY-08 64 28 RANGON TO INLE LAKE BUS - Free movie - Rush Hour 2.
2011-MAY-09 65 29

INLE LAKE, MYANMAR AQUARIUS INN $10, DBL/FAN/SHR Friendly, family run guesthouse, comfy veranda to lounge on. Rooms a bit worn compared to outside space and ones attached to main building very noisy. So friendly! Free breakfast and afternoon tea and fruit.
2011-MAY-10 66
2011-MAY-11 67 30 INLE LAKE TO MANDALAY BUS - Free disco music laser show.
2011-MAY-12 68 31

MANDALAY, MYANMAR ROYAL GUESTHOUSE $11, DBL/FAN/SHR Good location, fan rooms very hot, free breakfast.
2011-MAY-13 69
2011-MAY-14 70
2011-MAY-15 71 32

BAGAN, MYANMAR KUMUDARA HOTEL $33, DBL/AC/OS The view is worth every penny we paid! But make sure it's at least a junior suit. Decent food and good prices, Pool and free breakfast.Not close to much, on far side of Old Bagan.
2011-MAY-16 72
2011-MAY-17 73
2011-MAY-18 74
2011-MAY-19 75
2011-MAY-20 76 33 BAGAN TO YANGON BUS - -
2011-MAY-21 77 34

KINPUN, MYANMAR PANN MYO GUESTHOUSE $15, DBL/AC/OS Dirty, overpriced (make sure you barter hard), but not many options. Small free breakfast.
2011-MAY-22 78 35 RANGON, MYANMAR BEAUTYLAND II HOTEL $18, DBL/AC/OS Great location! Clean, friendly honest staff. Free breakfast.
2011-MAY-23 79
2011-MAY-24 80 36

2011-MAY-25 81 37 SEMPORNA, MALAYSIA SIPADAN INN $14, DBL/AC/OS Lazy, unfriendly staff. Clean, small rooms. Staff steal.
2011-MAY-26 82
2011-MAY-27 83
2011-MAY-28 84
2011-MAY-29 85
2011-MAY-30 86
2011-MAY-31 87
2011-JUN-01 88
2011-JUN-02 89
2011-JUN-03 90
2011-JUN-04 91
2011-JUN-05 92
2011-JUN-06 93
2011-JUN-07 94
2011-JUN-08 95
2011-JUN-09 96
2011-JUN-10 97
2011-JUN-11 98
2011-JUN-12 99
2011-JUN-13 100
2011-JUN-14 101
2011-JUN-15 102
2011-JUN-16 103
2011-JUN-17 104
2011-JUN-18 105
2011-JUN-19 106
2011-JUN-20 107
2011-JUN-21 108
2011-JUN-22 109
2011-JUN-23 110
2011-JUN-24 111
2011-JUN-25 112
2011-JUN-26 113
2011-JUN-27 114 38

KINABATANGAN, MALAYSIA KINABATANGAN NATURE LODGE - ROOM 1 $incl., DBL/FAN/OS 2n/3D, all meals, 4 boat cruises, nature walks. Great staff, good guides, a bit over priced. Dorms looked better than budget cabin.Free wifi.
2011-JUN-28 115 39

KINABATANGAN, MALAYSIA KINABATANGAN NATURE LODGE - ROOM 2 $incl., DBL/AC/OS New chalets, huge, clean with great views.
2011-JUN-29 116 40

LABUK BAY, MALAYSIA NIPAH LODGE $9/pax, DR/FAN/SHR Wonderful! Clean, dorms cheap, chalets beautiful but about $60 /night. A few minutes from the park with free shuttles.Small free breakfast.
2011-JUN-30 117 41

RANEAU, MALAYSIA RANEAU INN $27, DBL/AC/OS Basic, but cleanest in Raneau. Free wifi.
2011-JUL-01 118
2011-JUL-02 119 42

KOTA KINABALU, MALAYSIA COURTYARD HOTEL $35, DBL/AC/OS At the mall, so convenient for doing errands. Free buffet breakfast, wifi & shuttles to town centre.
2011-JUL-03 120
2011-JUL-04 121
2011-JUL-05 122 43

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, BRUNEI YOUTH HOSTEL $8/pax, DR/AC/SHR Cheapest in town, bookings are first come first get - no reservations taken. Fine for a few nights, has a funky smell. Huge, clean pool about $0.80 to use.
2011-JUL-06 123
2011-JUL-07 124 44 BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN TO KUCHING BUS - Bumpiest ever! My teeth were jarred loose.
2011-JUL-08 125 45

KUCHING, MALAYSIA BACKPACKERS STAY $22, TR/AC/SHR New, clean, friendly. Great location. Free wifi, hot/cold water.
2011-JUL-09 126
2011-JUL-10 127
2011-JUL-11 128
2011-JUL-12 129 46

MULU PARK, MALAYSIA MULU PARK HOSTEL $14, DRM/FAN/SHR Surprisinly clean but basic. Hot water, laundry area, lockers. Decent free breakfast,no wifi.
2011-JUL-13 130
2011-JUL-14 131 47

MULU PARK, MALAYSIA CAMP 5 $14, DRM/FAN/SHR Very basic, kitchen, have to bring all your food in, free boiled water. Bring your own mosquito nets.
2011-JUL-15 132
2011-JUL-16 133 46

MULU PARK, MALAYSIA MULU PARK HOSTEL $14, DRM/FAN/SHR Same as above. An afordable alternative in the park, very Convenient location.
2011-JUL-17 134 48

KUCHING, MALAYSIA SINGAHANSAN LODGE $29, DBL/AC/SHR Fantastic. Clean, good location, free breakfast, wifi and great view from roof top bar. Also has free baggage storage. Has work/stay for free program.
2011-JUL-18 135 49

PONTIANAK, INDONESIA PEONY HOTEL $36, DBL/AC/OS Friendly and helpful staff, free breakfast & wifi.
2011-JUL-19 136 50

BANJARMASIN, INDONESIA ARUM HOTEL $66, DBL/AC/OS Rooms are old, bathrooms mouldy, free breakfast & wifi. Under construction - so pool is empty. Too expensive for what you get.
2011-JUL-20 137 51 BANJARMASIN, INDONESIA VICTORIA HOTEL $46, DBL/AC/OS Clean, great staff, free breakfast, afternoon tea, & wifi. A bit pricey but a better option in Banjarmasin.
2011-JUL-21 138
2011-JUL-22 139 52

2011-JUL-23 140 53

SAMARINDA, INDONESIA MJ HOTEL $30, DBL/AC/OS Underconstruction, rooms are old, dirty and smelly. Free breakfast & wifi in lobby.
2011-JUL-24 141
2011-JUL-25 142 54

BALIKPAPAN, INDONESIA MIRAMA HOTEL $38, DBL/AC/OS Cockroaches, wifi in only some rooms, some above bar and very loud, all the "extras" are conditional - be picky when choosing a room. Free breakfast.
2011-JUL-26 143 55 BALI, INDONESIA AP INN $39, DBL/AC/OS Should get an award for the most NOT like the web site pictures. Decent location, nothing included, basic, kinda clean room.
2011-JUL-27 144 56

LOMBOK, INDONESIA PURI SARON HOTEL $47, DBL/AC/OS Wonderful! Beautiful grounds, steps from the beach, huge, sparkling clean pool, 20 minute walk to town - free shuttle, wifi, breakfast, friendly, helpful staff.
2011-JUL-28 145
2011-JUL-29 146
2011-JUL-30 147
2011-JUL-31 148
2011-AUG-01 149
2011-AUG-02 150
2011-AUG-03 151 57

KOMODO, INDONESIA IKAN BARU LIVEABOARD $-, DRM/AC/SHR Basic boat, small, all-inclusive but again basic meals. Nothing fancy but the diving was great!
2011-AUG-04 152
2011-AUG-05 153
2011-AUG-06 154
2011-AUG-07 155
2011-AUG-08 156
2011-AUG-09 157
2011-AUG-10 158 58

GILI TRAWANGAN, INDONESIA TRAWANGAN DIVE $10, DRM/FAN/SHR Small room with one set of bunk beds, nothing included but really all you need. Price is decent for the island. Restaurant and dive shop recommended.
2011-AUG-11 159 59

BALI, INDONESIA MATAHARI COTTAGES-UBUD $32, DBL/FAN/OS Dirty, under construction and newer room are too expensive. Free breakfast and weak internet.There is better, for cheaper in the same area.
2011-AUG-12 160 60

BALI, INDONESIA SELANDARA GUESTHOUSE-UBUD $26, DBL/FAN/OS Quiet location off main road with a nice view. A mix of rooms (and prices), we lucked out and got a small kitchen. Free breakfast & wifi. Not the cleanest but would recommend.
2011-AUG-13 161
2011-AUG-14 162
2011-AUG-15 163
2011-AUG-16 164
2011-AUG-17 165
2011-AUG-18 166
2011-AUG-19 167
2011-AUG-20 168
2011-AUG-21 169 61

DILI, EAST TIMOR EAST TIMOR BACKPACKERS $12, DRM/AC/SHR Dorm is cramped, and the whole place needs a good scrubbing. Free wifi, full kitchen and nice outdoor area with bar. Free baggage storage. But price is the best in town.
2011-AUG-22 170
2011-AUG-23 171 62

HATUBUILICO, EAST TIMOR POUSADA ALECRIM NAMRAU $10, DRM/-/SHR Basic, not so clean place. Free breakfast. Power for a few hours in the evening, but running water and shower head, no hot water.
2011-AUG-24 172 63

SAME, EAST TIMOR HOTEL SAME $35, DBL/FAN/OS Clean, best option in town. Big, free breakfast, running water, no hot water, when the tank is full and power every second night - sometimes. Good restaurant.
2011-AUG-25 173
2011-AUG-26 174
2011-AUG-27 175 64

BACAU, EAST TIMOR MELITA GUESTHOUSE $30, DBL/FAN/OS Dirty, nothing included, running water, no hot water, power. Better, cheaper option right across the road.
2011-AUG-28 176 65

TUTUALA BEACH, EAST TIMOR VALU SERE $20, DBL/-/SHR Basic camp lodge feel. Tiny free breakfast, no running fresh water, a few hours of solar power in the evenings. The eco lodge next door is better option, book ahead for both.
2011-AUG-29 177 66

COM, EAST TIMOR COM BEACH RESORT $50, DBL/AC/OS East Timors only "resort". A bit old but well kept, clean, beautiful grounds and sea side restaurant - expensive. Hot water, air con, power in the evenings. Nothing included.
2011-AUG-30 178 67

COM, EAST TIMOR KATI GUESTHOUSE $20, DBL/FAN/SHR A real treat, right on beach, clean, basic, nothing included and no food available. Power available in the evenings and cold running water - when kids across the road isn't using it :)
2011-AUG-31 179 68

BACAU, EAST TIMOR ARBACRISTE MOTEL $25, DBL/AC/OS Clean, has a kitchen and living room, free breakfast, tiny hot water tank.
2011-SEP-01 180 69 DILI, EAST TIMOR EAST TIMOR BACKPACKERS $25, DBL/AC/SHR Double room cleaner and has lots of space. If you have to stay here, book ahead - a single or double room. Rest of place still needs a good cleaning.
2011-SEP-02 181
2011-SEP-03 182 70

DILI, EAST TIMOR DIVE TIMOR LOROSAE $60, DBL/AC/SHR Might be the most comfortable we've been in a long time. Bungalows of 3 rooms, single, double, twin, open to a proper sitting area with couches, tv, table and chairs. Has deluxe rooms too. Clean kitchen, free water. Hot water, air con, internet in living room, modern bathrooms, duvets on beds. I could happily live here. Dive shop is great, professional but fun! Restaurant on site. Mary Anne was fantastic! Highly recommended.
2011-SEP-04 183
2011-SEP-05 184
2011-SEP-06 185
2011-SEP-07 186