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Welcome to whereissusannow.com, a place I had planned to document my adventures since leaving Canada July 5, 2009. As usual Iím a bit late getting started. I have been great at keeping somewhat of a diary, just not so great at transferring it to a blog. So, as long as I can still read the chicken scratches I will be adding it back to the beginning. (even though James says itís dumb to go back that far, but itís my blog and my rules)

So a little background...

James and I on Hallasan, S.Korea's highest peak.

James, my husband of four or five years (anyone?), got a posting in Ulsan, South Korea and left Canada April 2009. No, heís not an English teacher or in the militaryÖ.heís an engineer working on re-tubing a nuclear power plant. We both love to travel and loved the idea of living in Asia and being able to travel it easily, so we jumped at this chance.

I quit my job as a travel agent, tidied up things in Canada and slowly followed James to Korea. I definitely took the long road; via Rome, Bangkok, Cambodia and Vietnam arriving July 23, 2009. Since arriving I have done a few on-line courses, read, made great new friends, not learned Korean and traveled, traveled and traveled. As it turns out the only thing I love almost as much as actual travel is planning and talking about travelÖso if you are reading this and have questions please feel free to email me, alotapeaches@hotmail.com. And for those of you have put up with the non stop travel talk, questions about your past, present and future travels and just all round travel Ė thanks for putting up with it, hopefully this blog will be a better outlet and save a few friendships.

The Family

Jamesí original contract was only supposed to be for about 1 year but he keeps getting extensions and after 2 years we are still in Korea and loving it! Soon, Iím told we will be leaving and starting our year off (58 weeks). We have been planning this year off for about 5 years and I am almost ready to burst with excitement. A full year of travel with James!

We have been slowly making a list of places we want to visit and I have been trying to route them. Listed below is about the tenth route but one that we think we might try to follow. Try meaning we have 58 weeks and I have planned for 59 and chances of us going over time, getting stuck somewhere (Iím hoping itís Papua New Guinea) or sick and held up are pretty good. But it will be fun to see where we actually end up.

Myanmar/Burma Take 2
Easter Island
Borneo (dive instructor course for James)
Komodo Island on a live aboard
East Timor
Papua New Guinea
Salomon Islands
Hong Kong
Sri Lanka
And hopefully North Korea

Diving in Thailand

For more of the fantastic pictures (taken of course by James) you see on my site you can visit www.nibsy.com.

Happy reading!